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Elbrus summit 5642


The last 100m was tuff. Cold, windy, altitude well above 5000. I had to concentrate on every step.

Sleeping in altitude 3700 is not very easy and getting up at 3 is just painful. However this time it was worth it. Breakfast was ready at 3 and our ski tour started at around 4. The sky was incredible, sun was rising and we could enjoy marvellous views. Kaukaz is unlike any mountain range in the world. Wild, untamed and beautiful. The further up you go the less oxygen there is for you to breath. This was not so much of issue up to 5500 but than you can really start to feel the difference. In many, this can cause headache, loss of balance orientation etc... Luckily I ve experienced only slight discomfort, almost the same as in bike training. The weather started to deteriorate after about half way up and we had to dig deeper and deeper. Icy conditions has taken a lot of energy and it was hard to see turn after turn only to realise summit is 300 vertical meters further. The last 100m was tuff. Cold, windy, altitude well above 5000. I had to concentrate on every step. Low oxygen intake at 5600 was making all kind of troubles but it was all worth it. The last couple steps to the top were incredible. Truly unforgettable feeling I m still trying to process. Elbrus is about overcoming yourself and defeating inner daemons. We have reached Elbrus summit at 10am local time on 24th of May. I would like to say huge Thank you to all my sponsors that made this expedition possible. Big thanks to Rudy Project, without your eyewear I would probably end up being blind. GSG Italia, thank you for providing me with base layers, Kaqun Slovakia thank you for the water that made my adaptation period quicker and thank you MANUKASPORT for powering me all the way up. I would like to say thank to PaceRehabilitation for taking care of my ski touring leg. Special THANK you SPORTRYSY for all the equipment - ice, rocks and snow terrain. Without you I could not made this trip. Thank you all.