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One of the best weekends of the year has just passed.

One of the best weekends of the year has just passed. Right at the beginning of my offseason's relax and recovery I have decided to participate in Saturday social race Gavalier. Beautiful sky and calm, warm weather made it the event to attend. The atmosphere was overwhelming, and the race was on right after the first gentlemen lap. Plenty to fight for, I was the luckier one in two man sprint at the end of 110km race. I have managed to snatch first place and was awarded with Gavalier's magical cycling hat.

Just when I thought this weekend could not have gone any better I went to ride DH track situated near my hometown Piestany in picturesque hill Ahoj. I was out of my comfort zone. A lot of time has passed since I have ridden my DH bike. Standing on the top of jumps I was not sure whether I still got what it takes to ride it. First few were scary but than I started to feel it. My flow improved, balance was no issue anymore and I felt connected to the bike. Amazing people, company to live for, ecstatic feeling and shivers in my body after completing the DH track in one piece made this weekend The Weekend to remember.